High-Fidelity Wireframes

The following example shows the implementation of federated search for an existing content management system. Building high-fidelity wireframes using Axure or similar programs allows for the clearest presentation of the design to business stakeholders, developers and project management.


Early Drafts & Mixed-Fidelity Wireframes

Stakeholders who need more than simple wireframes are involved early in the project process. In those cases, I am sure to adapt my presentations to deliver designs that are understandable for my audience. I begin with quick sketches and move into wireframes that incorporate familiar elements.



The Importance of Sketching

Whether an idea happens in OmniGraffle or on a dinner napkin, I’m always thinking about the best ways to solve problems. Sketches can elicit broader feedback from stakeholders at early stages in design without the distraction of surface design.

In many cases, my projects have been requested an delivered on very aggressive timelines. A project for a WGN television show required that I deliver a functional site in less than two weeks. This has meant that my deliverables as an architect/designer have gone straight from paper sketch to developed prototype in a matter of hours.

Interactive Prototypes

Testing Prototype (Tablet)

Icon Design