Embrace Perspective


I used to beat myself up for not having a clear, focused passion that could be easily defined. One year I was out finding craters on the Moon with my telescope and the next, cleaning Ancient Roman coins. When I find something – or anything – interesting, it’s hard to pull myself away. I soaked up as much as I could about one topic and each time thought, “maybe THIS is what I want to do when I grow up!”

The seeming disparity between my interests made me feel like a bit of an oddball well into my career. It took many years of exploration to discover that having multiple interests is not only okay, it’s essential for someone like me.

Every project I accept is informed by a vast and varied collection of knowledge that allows me to see and design from unusual perspectives. My work today is in branding, user experience, and graphic design – anything that goes into a user or customer experience. Because I spent so many years obtaining what I thought was useless trivia, I now feel like a conductor for an orchestra of thoughts and ideas.

That comes in handy when I am working with new clients. There are many services that claim to have the best mix of designers and developers, but I always appreciate the sites that screen their applicants. Currently I am looking into Toptal to find additional design clients as a member of the Toptal UI Designers community, and I’m excited about their application process. I want to know that my new clients are just as invested in great design as I am.

If you are looking to complete creative projects, I hope you’ll consider utilizing a service like this (or contact me now)!